Cold Chain Management

Flat pack Chiller/Freezer - Tempro® TT33 & Tempro® Dome

Seymour Manufacturing International Limited (SMI), established in the early 1980s, manufactures and supplies Tempro® thermal insulation systems.

Seymour’s Tempro® is a unique lightweight insulation that has exceptional thermal properties and is widely used in food and logistics industries, for applications such as:

  • Chilled and freezer store trolley entry doors – Cold Stop®  Curtains
  • Temporary cold room curtain walls – Temperature Controlled Zones (TCZ)
  • Roll cage and pallet covers
  • Flat pack Chiller/Freezer – TT33 & Tempro® Dome

What is Tempro® and Cold Stop® all about?

Back in the seventies Brian Seymour, the present company’s Chairman, formulated Tempro®, the first, most thermally efficient thin and flexible insulating material in the world. From it he developed a family of food chain products including pallet covers, containers, cold stores and inflatable cold rooms. In the early nineties he drew up the first thermal strip curtain.  After 10 years extensive development Cold Stop and its associated suspension system reached a marketable stage and was accepted by several supermarkets as the solution to their issues of heat losses from chilled stores. Subsequently Cold Stop has been installed in the majority of their outlets and has been accepted as the standard for new stores.  Companies in the food processing and food manufacturing sector are also purchasing in quantities mainly due to the energy savings that can be achieved from their chilled and frozen store operation with Cold Stop’s use.  The Seymour product is also seen as a solution to several health and safety issues

Thermal claims have been validated by the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association and the Building Research Establishment

The TT33 and its wheeled T3 condenser/evaporator base, introduced by Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI), is a unique and easy way of providing chilled and frozen products, mainly food and drink, on just about any site anywhere in the world in an acceptable condition to maintain Health and Safety standards.

The TT33 simple-to-erect body on a frame is modular with light hook and loop fastened and zip-up sections.  The assembly is then chilled or frozen via a 240 volt mobile evaporator which is moved on its robust T3 wheeled base. To operate the T3, the two gas struts are simply lifted allowing the evaporator to self-raise to its operating height. The operator then pushes the unit into the entry slot provided in the TT33 body. Simply plugging into a 13amp supply, or a generator, quickly produces the chilled or frozen condition. The time taken to achieve working temperature is dependent upon the ambient temperature. Once assembled, the TT33 is 3metres square and 2.9 metres high and provides a chilled or frozen volume of 17½ cubic metres.  At an ambient of +32ºC the TT33 can maintain an internal storage chill temperature of +2°C to +3°C.  The freezing capability will produce from -20ºC to -22ºC, again in an ambient of 32ºC.

Soon to be launched is the TT33’s Big Brother as seenon the right the Tempro® Dome configuration again supplies versatile/mobile refrigeration with 24m2 floor space.

Typical applications for these systems: Outside events, Catering, Promotions, Disaster special facilities, Ministry of Defence field kitchen support, overflow refrigeration.