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Plastopil Kibbutz Hazorea - IsraelPlastopil BV - The Netherlands  
Plastopil has 300 employees and annual capacity of 18,000 tons (and growing).  They service international
customers, who have come to depend on Plastopil to meet world- class standards, guarantee reliable
delivery and continuously introduce innovative solutions. As technological leaders, they convert knowledge
and insight into solutions bringing distinctive value to our customers.

Plastopil Products

As part of their specialized services BRE supplies film for the food and other industries. We specialize in lidding
films for tray sealers and fill- seal machines and in thermoforming film for form-fill and seal machines.
We offer a full range of multi-layered films printed or unprinted. Our range of lidding film will seal most known
plastic containers i.e. CPET, APET, PP, PS, PVC, HDPE etc.. The range also includes film for VSP (Vacuum skin packaging).
We Also supply ready-made bags for application of vacuuming, cooking in bag , Thermo Cook Bags for oven and Microwave cooking .

Our film range, made by PLASTOPIL includes films with Anti- Fog properties and high or medium barrier.
Barrier is achieved by using PA and EVOH only. No PVDC is used. The film will seal on containers that
have been contaminated by the packed product (i.e. oils, fats, liquids, powders or paste). It requires a
lower sealing temperature, therefore saving energy that allows for higher productivity. The polyethylene layer
enhances the lids mechanical properties, giving it greater tear and puncture resistance.

The film is available in different sealing properties:
· Lock- seal – where the film has to be torn in order to remove it.
· Easy- Peel – where the film can be peeled off from the container or in the bag.
· Burst –Peel - This is a new technology uniting the two old technologies in one film. The tray sealed
with this film will withstand great vertical pressure up to about 70kg weight placed on top of it, and
will not open unless burst by the pressure. If the film is pulled horizontally – same as easy- peel film – it
will peel of the container.
Our films range includes high barrier, metalized film.


HT (high tension) FILM: this new film shrinks while lidding and prevent wrinkles. It is thinner at 25mic or
18mic while retaining the high barrier and strength properties with excellent clarity and anti- fog properties.

STEAM- FILM allows microwave cooking without losing water. It is getting the product cooked evenly and quicker.

BREATHING FILM is of very high permeability and can also be micro- perforated allowing passage of gas, Oxygen
and CO2. It extends shelf- life of fresh vegetables and fruit. The film is made to suit the breathing requirements
of the specific product.

Our latest development is the TOPAZ range for pet- based packaging.

PLASTOPIL’s Topaz lidding films are a complete portfolio of extremely thin film with exceptional optical properties,
consistent sealing to APET, Anti- fog (AF) properties, dual oven able and different Oxygen barrier levels.

The combination of rigid PET webs or trays and Plastopil Topaz lidding offers the industry a cost- effective solution
and environmentally friendly package.

Features and Benefits
Seals to mono APET or CPET/APET. no PE sealing layer needed.
Dual oven ability - suitable for microwave and oven. Withstanding temperatures from - 40°C to 220°C.
Wide range of seal types: peel able, burst- peel and locked seals.
Secure hermetic seal, outstanding seal through fat and food residue. Less leakers.
Excellent transparency clarity and gloss. Excellent Anti- Fog performance.
Different barrier levels, HB (based on EVOH), MB and LB .optimizes product shelf life.
Source reduction, low carbon foot print means less green fees - low disposal cost by weight.
Possible Laser perforation for pressure release or breathable MAP/CAP packaging.
Can be printed in sandwich printing, enhances the package look and presentation
The film is already used in RSA extensively.

Plastopil Film Catalogs

Please select and click on the link below for all the details:

General selection guide

This lists all the film types with basic selection tables

HMR (ready- meal) industry. 

Details of films for the ready meal industry


Including our specialised peelable reclose film for cheese and similar applications

The meat and seafood industry.

More details are here of the Thermo Cook product

Fresh produce

See especially the breathable Taribo range.

Our supplier PLASTOPIL is fully accredited with BRC, HACCP and ISO/DIN certificates available. They are locally
accredited by WW as well as others. All products supplied are Euro- zone and/or FDA accredited.