Thermoforming Technology

Sheets For Thermoforming

We supply a number of different types of sheet for thermoforming into packaging.

PET Laminated SheetBOPS – Bioriented polystyrene, UNICLEAR brand.

Manufactured in Argentina by Petrobras Corporation.

UNICLEAR Typical properties:

  • Excellent gloss and clarity
  • High mechanical resistance and stiffness
  • Allows products to be stacked
  • BOPS is one of the most cost efficient clear materials due to its low specific gravity.
  • No taste and odor transfer to the stored product
  • Approved for food contact – SENASA (E-117/99) e INAL (inf. 881/99)
  • Meets FDA cap. 21 # 117.1640 y # 176.170
  • Suitable for recycling and can be used as GPPS in other processes


Super-Premium Products

BOPS sheets with maximum gloss and transparency, specially recommended for those apliccations where the main objective of the packaging is seeing-through it, helping to improve the appareance of the contained product.

High Performance Products

BOPS sheets which meet simultaneously a very good gloss and transparency with excellent mechanical properties. These products are suitable for uses where greater flexibility is required (i.e. hinges) and also for being formed in thermoformers with lower temperature control resources.
Standard Products

BOPS sheets with higher flexibility for those applications in which the mechanical requirement must be prioritized over the visual aspects.

Other Grades

In addition, other BOPS UNICLEAR grades have been developed for special uses:

  • Colored BOPS: White, Black and Brown sheets
  • Freezer Grade BOPS: Very low temperatures (up to -40 °C) uses

PET - Amorphous clear and colours – Zhongnan Brand 

Manufactured in China by Zibo Zhongnan Plastics Co.

APET clear sheet is used where the properties of BOPS are not adequate or where the thermoforming equipment is not suitable for BOPS processing.

Sheet up to 800 mm wide is produced in a 12000 sq m factory with 108 employees of whom 45 are technicians.

The company is certified to ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001. Annual production is 20000 tons of sheet per annum, of PET and PVC.

Basic specifications for PET sheet are:

  • Light Transmission > 85%
  • Contraction Rate +- 4%
  • Tensile Strength > 40 Mpa
  • Vicat Softening Temp 76 degrees C
  • Thickness of 0.2 mm -1.0mm

PP and Barrier PP

Manufactured in Spain by EDV S.A.

EDV is a global supplier of PP long life barrier containers and also supplies PP/EVOH/PP barrier sheet for thermoforming.

The general material specifications are:

  • Colour: Contact transparency
  • Density: 0,93 gr/cc +/- 0,02
  • Bond strengh- Minimum: 5 Nw/15 mm
  • Shringkage- Maximum:
  • Longitudinal (%) 16
  • Transversal (%) 2
  • Wave factor: < 42 / 2 m
  • Concavity: < 30 mm / 2 m
  • Edge bending: < 5 mm / 5 m
  • Reel alignement: 0,5

The barrier transmission rates can be specifically quoted for different thicknesses but the actual barrier should be measured on a formed article. All material is custom produced to order.

 PET/PE laminated sheet

This is used in a number of FFS machines for making packaging like meat trays, where the top film used for sealing doesn’t seal onto an APET surface and requies a PE surface to effect a weld seal.

We can supply this in widths up to 1 m and in thicknesses up to 800 micron.