Food Packaging Systems

Carton Taping, Sealing, Pallet wrapping, Lock n Pop

We represent Baypac in the Western Cape, ( The products that they are the agents for in South Africa are available through us.

These include:

  • Siat Carton Taping and Sealing Machine
  • Siat Pallet Wrapper
  • Walther Spray Guns
  • Lock n Pop Pallet Stabilization systems

Carton Sealing and Taping

From simple manual options to fully automatic carton erecting and closing systems, Siat  ( provides a full range of options. Self adhesive tape is a reliable system to close the flaps of the four flaps of the boxes for manual and semi-automatic machines.  Hot-Melt technology can only be accepted by automatic machines, due to initial investment and cost reduction applicable on long runs. In feed and outfeed conveying by roller or belt is available. Both fixed size and random size options are available.

Pallet wrappers

Pallet wrappers start with basic turntable machines

This is the entry level machine , F0
Hinged column to turntable frame to facilitate machine installation
Simple and easy to use machine interface

Turntable with front and rear opening to load & move with fork lift

Standard power supply 400 Volt – 50 Hz – 3 Phases – Neutral

  • Platform diameter 1500mm
  • Max pallet height 2100mm
  • Max loading weight 1200Kg
  • Different sizes and maximum load as option
  • Belt driven carriage
  • Film tension with EM-M mechanical clutch
  • One automatic working cycle with 1 wrapping programme: Carriage up + down
  • Safety switch under film carriage
  • Turntable speed adjustable with Inverter
  • Adjustable speed up to 12 RPM/ Soft Start – Fix Stop
  • Top & Bottom film layers reirnforcement
  • Electric photocell to detect pallet height
  • Gearmotor to keep the table locked during loading-unloading of pallets


  • Platform diameter 1650 mm – (2000kg max)
  • Photocell to detect black or colored film on products
  • Turntable access ramp
  • Burial frame
  • Horse shoe turntable 1500mm -1200kg
  • Access ramp
  • Lock n Pop Pallet stabilisation system

This is an American product which works as shown on the right. The system applies a special adhesive to the carton tops creating a bond which is strong horizontally and weak vertically. Replaces pallet wrap, saves money and saves on environmental impact of pallet wrap. 

Walther Pilot Spray Systems

Walther Pilot are experts in complete Spraying System Solutions,providing top quality tools and equipment to meet all of your needs.

For a complete range of manual and automatic guns, see