Vacuum Packing Systems

Vacuum Sealing Machines

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Vacuum sealing is used as a method of preservation and shelf life extension for food products, and as protective packaging for other non food products.

There are two types of vacuum sealer, the external bag machines, and the chamber machines.

External bag machines are cheaper, smaller in footprint, and limited in capability. These machines use a special embossed channel film either in roll form or as pre-made bags. This material is quite a bit more expensive than the regular smooth vacuum bags. For larger production quantities the saving on packaging costs will be enough to pay the additional cost of a chamber machine in a short space of time. The external machines cannot be used for products with liquids because the liquid gets sucked through the channels in the film into the vacuum pump. For liquid products it is possible to attach a vacuum tube connected to separate  rigid plastic storage containers. This process however is not suitable for mass production.

The chamber type of machines are used for volume production using smooth vacuum bags. Chamber machines come in different ranges, table-top, floor standing with plexiglass lid, and the top of the range Supertech series. Within each category are different model sizes and various levels of automation and sophistication of control of the vacuum cycle.

Chamber machines - Table Top Range

The New series are manual machines with a 250 mm sealing bar and 7 cu m/hr pump are at the bottom of the range. The Prestige Series has automated digital control of the cycle, while the Top series has automated cycle with LCD control panel.

There are many standard features on these machines:

  • Stainless steel chambers with rounded corners
  • Self cleaning pump oil (Prestige and Top series)
  • Removable sealing bars
  • Connection for Gastrovac system
  • Hinged cover
  • Waterproof control panel
  • PE filling squares

Options include:

  • Inclined plane for liquids
  • Wheeled trolley/stand
  • special Voltage/frequency
  • Double height chamber for liquids
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Gas injection
  • Cutting bar for excess material
  • Lid Hook
  • The LCD Series features Soft Vac control, and has optional printer, extra sealing bar and vacuum sensor

The Supertech professional range includes a table top machine as well as various sizes of floor-standing machines on castors. All are constructed of the highest quality materials and have 6mm Inox lids. Advanced vacuum controls allow for full flexibility and high capacity in the production cycle.